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Click here for the Suicide Prevention Website.

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You can help. It will be easy.  Just make a promise and tell it to those you care about. Together we can lower the number of suicides around us.


You rarely can tell if someone is suicidal by looking at them.  Even if you are that person's Number 1, their soul mate, bff you might not be able to tell. So how can we tackle this calamity that has increasing statistics day after day?

First,  talk about it - to your kids, your best friend, your spouse, your employees, your co-workers. Don't be afraid of the subject.  Say the word. SUICIDE. Years ago, people use to whisper certain words that weren't polite in society.  Cancer was one of those words. If you talked about it, you whispered it.  It's not like that anymore, is it?  People talk, they support, they research, and so we aren't quite as afraid and we know more about it because people talk about it.  Let's start doing that with mental health and suicide.

The second thing you can do is to reach out. That is what this website is all about.  PROMISE TO REACH OUT, PLEASE.

A promise is a promise.  Promise yourself (and others) that you will not "rage quit" or give up life. Then keep a token of that promise where you can see it. If you go to the navigation menu and click on PROP frame, you will see one suggestion. But you don't have to use the frame. Some people carry a reminder with them. It could be anything. The picture from Toby Mac #SpeakLife could be something to keep with you as a reminder.  Some people get tattoos.  A common tattoo is a semicolon.  Semicolons represent pausing instead of stopping. Whatever it is: frame, picture, jewelry, memento, tattoo, make a promise to yourself and keep it.