It will encourage others to have a P2ROP if you can show them yours. 🤍


Thank you for considering distributing P2ROP (Promise 2 Reach Out Please) materials. It is imperative that when giving someone these materials that you stress that it is not a replacement for professional help and encourage them to reach out to professionals.


Each envelope contains:

  • A P2ROP picture frame to put a picture of a loved one or pet

  • An insert. 

    • Explain that the list of P2ROP’s are people they can reach out to when in need to “prop” them up. 

    • Point out the Suicide Hotline Number. 

    • Ask them to write a personal promise to themselves on the bottom and/or back.

  • Two or more P2ROP business cards. Because you should always carry at least two. One for your reference and one to give away if someone should need it.


Each Envelope of materials has been prayed over. If you give it away and would like more, please contact me at the website, or my contact info is below.

There is a limited supply currently. Please email for a free sample of materials. If you would like to reorder larger amounts, a donation will be requested to cover the cost only.